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Organizational Assessment for CPA Firms (Online)

CPA Firm Organizational AssessmentThis assessment is based on key performance indicators for the CPA firm to achieve organizational fitness. It identifies organizational culture and style in order to help people within the firm work together more effectively. Includes respondents’ written comments and a business action strategy, recommendations, and next-step actions.

This Organizational Assessment is conducted online and provides an operational review of your organization. It is a 360 evaluation based on key performance indicators and is to be completed by all levels of staff and partners within the firm. A report is generated that indicates the present level of performance of the various areas within the organization and a narrative of open-ended questions and responses.

Pricing for this assessment is based on the size of the CPA firm. Please contact us today for pricing information at (412) 344-2277.

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CPA firms work best when the organizational style and culture work well together.  Our assessment reports make recommendations and set actions to make your company workforce more efficient and cohesive.

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