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Pre-Hire Assessments

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Gatto Associates, LLC, provides customized online pre-hire assessments to guide our clients in talent acquisition and talent management processes. Our pre-hire assessments serve as valuable tools when managers need to decide whether a particular candidate has the aptitude, knowledge, ability, personality and temperament to ensure success in a job and a good cultural fit within their organizations. A better well- rounded picture of a candidate emerges when managers couple pre-hire assessment with the interview process. We provide you with a comprehensive report, which includes results and follow up interviewer questions with rated responses. Equipped with better information, managers are thus in a position to make better hiring decisions.

Gatto Associates Pre-Hire Assessment processes are customized to meet a number of specific job requirements set forth by our clients and help identify a good fit between the applicant and job they are  expected to perform. We select the pre-hire assessments that measure attributes directly related to a specific job description. Pre-hire assessments take the subjective guesswork out of hiring!


Pre-Hire Assessments (test or inventory) have become more prevalent in recent years, especially given the ease of completing assessments via the Internet.  Prospective employees no longer have to travel to the job locale for initial testing:  candidates can be weeded out at much less cost to the company by taking assessments online.  Generally the online pre-hire assessments (or pencil and paper if appropriate) are used to measure a person’s:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Other characteristics as needed

Once job requirements from a job description have been written, a combination of pre-hire assessments can be chosen to identify how a candidate might or might not fit a given job.  It is advisable to use pre-hire assessments that are valid and reliable predictors of success in a job position:  you need to be aware of which pre-hire assessments measure what, and which create the predictors of success in a specific type of job (i.e., sales, management, manufacturing, administrative, etc.).  Many pre-hire assessments are available to HR personnel to assess a candidate and support a better understanding of her/his knowledge, relationship-building skills, team building, emotional quotient, and general skills and abilities.  One of the most difficult aspects of this process, however, is to find that right combination that elicits the most appropriate information to render a successful job fit.

Types of Pre-Hire Assessments from which to Choose:

  • Aptitude – knowledge and ability to apply skills (math, language, typing, reasoning, etc.)
  • Cognitive Ability – analysis and solution of problems, drawing conclusions:potential to learn and think
  • Personality – characteristics, job fit
  • Integrity – honesty, attitude toward theft, drugs, etc.
  • Psychomotor – coordination and manual dexterity
  • Physical – capabilities (i.e., lifting)

How to Integrate Pre-Hire Testing into Your Own System
The pre-hire assessment process integrates quite easily into the processes most organizations already have in place.  Once you have identified the leading candidates for the position in question, have them complete the pre-hire assessments you have chosen based on your organizational culture and needs.  After culling the information from the pre-hire assessments and narrowing the list down to the top several candidates, bring these candidates in for an interview and ask customized questions designed from the pre-hire assessment results.  You can now make a knowledgeable decision, backed by not only personal interviews, but by a wealth of reliable data.