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Skills Assessments

Skills assessments identify individual, team, and organizational traits that indicate strengths and areas for development. These self-assessments are used to help uncover personal styles and preferences to give fresh, honest and introspective readings on profiles and progress. A variety of standardized assessments can be utilized to help assess an individual’s style and preferences.

Our clients utilize Gatto Associates assessments to build effective teams, place effective managers and employees in the “right” positions to best fit their skill sets and preferences, and in conjunction with training workshops.

Gatto Associates offers the following self-reporting skills assessments:

  • Building Your Associate’s Profile
  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Identifying My Associates’ Communication Styles
  • Mentoring Assessment
  • Motivational Profile
  • My Communication Style
  • My Negotiating Style
  • My Conflict Resolution Style
  • My Followership Style
  • My Leadership Style
  • My Learning Styles at Work
  • My Listening Style
  • Self-esteem Assessment
  • Stress Profile
  • Team Assessment