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The purpose of the Coaching Process is to guide the client to utilize his/her skills to the fullest. The client being comfortable with his/her personal styles and preferences will accomplish this. The client will develop personal and work-related understanding and a comprehensive action plan.

Executive coaching benefits both the individual and the organization. Coachee’s will be better able to achieve their goals through enhancing their leadership skills, communication skills, and time management skills, to name a few. The organization’s efficiency and effectiveness will increase as the skills of it’s management increase.

The Coaching Process is a six month four phase multidisciplinary approach to enhance an individual’s skills set, to becoming an effective and vibrant leader in the organization. Coachee’s will focus on skills, behaviors, and needed technical knowledge to become a productive force to enhance their success. The multi-faceted process of meetings, and conference calling with the coach will ensure individualized customization for each participant.