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Gatto Associates, LLC, provides customized recruiting and online pre-hire assessments to guide our clients in talent acquisition and talent management processes. Our online assessments serve as valuable tools when executives or managers need to decide whether a particular candidate has the aptitude, knowledge, ability, personality and temperament to ensure success in a job and a good cultural fit within their organizations. A better well rounded picture of a candidate emerges when managers couple pre-hire assessment with the interview process. We provide you with a comprehensive report, which includes results and follow up interview questions with rated responses. Equipped with better information, managers are thus in a position to make better hiring decisions. Gatto Associates Pre-Hire Assessment processes are customized to meet a number of specific job requirements set forth by our clients. We select the assessments that measure attributes directly related to a specific job description. Pre-Hire assessments take the subjective guesswork out of hiring!

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