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Workplace Coaching

This coaching process is designed to teach people to become effective coaches either within an organization or to begin a coaching practice.  People who are presently working within organizations such as physicians, thought leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives who want to internally effective coach direct reports will benefit from this process. In addition, this process (32 contact hours) will also be beneficial for those people who want to learn how to coach, to be able to sit for one of the examinations, to develop a practice to coach (peer coach), and help people who desire to achieve a better future.

Between each workshop meeting:
  • Homework will be assigned
  • Participants will need to show evidence of practice coaching by completing the peer coaching observation and feedback sheet
  • Participants will have assigned readings from the text and articles on coaching
  • Each class will begin with a brief test based on the prior class materials (participants must achieve a passing grade of 70%)
  • At the end of each module will be a test on the materials
Attendance Policy

Participants are responsible for missed work and workshop instructions. It is participants’ responsibility to complete all required work for completion of the course to receive the Certificate of Completion. Participants can only have one excused absence outside of an emergency.

Grievance Process

Most grievances within this process are settled in the initial phase with a personal conference with the instructor.  If the participant is still dissatisfied, he/she can go to Dr. Rex P. Gatto.

Course Outline

The outline for the certification of completion procedures and requirements is clearly spelled out in the course curriculum.  There are thirty-two hours of class work time. Participants are expected to put in three to five hours of study (peer coaching) between each of the workshop meetings for an additional fifteen to twenty-five hours of home study.

Registration Process

To register for the Workplace Coaching Workshops you can call 412-344-2277. There are no prerequisites to register for this workshop. Registration application needs to be completed two weeks in advance of the workshop.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to show competence, demonstrate, and discuss:

  1. Coaching fundamentals as identified by recognized coaching authorities and authors
  2. Coaching process, the tools needed for coaching and for the coachee’s development
  3. Assessments appropriate for coaching, how to use and interpret the assessments
  4. Know and pass written exams on the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and the principles of coaching
  5. A coaching process with other participants

Gatto Associates LLC, is a Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) Registered Board-Certified Coach (BCC) training provider. This course is approved for 30-hours for the BCC credential.