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Talent Development

All Gatto Associates workshops, courses, assessments and webinars offer talent training and development with measurable results.

Customized Programs with Action Plans

Gatto workshops can be designed as one-on-one and small group training sessions. Each training course begins with a self-assessment that is utilized to uncover the specific talents and areas for development of program participants. Our targeted assessments help take the guesswork out of skills development. The length of the workshop will be determined by the content and scope of the desired training program. All participants will complete personalized action plans to help ensure that the skills acquired throughout the workshop will be implemented back at the workplace. 

Our workshops are interactive and designed to encourage maximum group participation. We consistently receive high ratings from our clients as a result of our dynamic instructors and engaging content. Workshops can be held at your facility, in the Gatto Associates Training Room, or another location of your choice. 


Workshops can be presented in a Webinar format at our client’s request. Comprehensive training programs are often designed as a blend of web-based and live group workshops to accommodate the scheduling requirements of our clients. All log-in information, as well as supplemental materials and PowerPoint® presentations, will be sent out in advance to participants. This format has been utilized by national associations, as well as organizations with employees in multiple locations. Webinar workshops allow travel expenses to be eliminated and time away from the office to be decreased throughout the training process.