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360 Degree Partner/Manager Feedback Assessment

This on-line 360 degree feedback assessment is an upward evaluation and peer review that measures the partners’ level of performance. This 360 degree feedback assessment utilizes 14 key measurements based on partner level performance within a firm.

The 360 degree feedback assessment is completed by other partners as well as staff. This is an important aide to firm growth and to retain staff and managers by helping them feel a part of the firm. Partners can also show the acceptance of feedback by modeling the right way to develop after receiving their own feedback.

Upon completion of the 360 degree feedback assessment, a report is generated that includes self-performance evaluation compared with associates’ evaluations, numerical based 360 degree feedback assessments and written narratives as to strengths and opportunities for development for the participant, unedited general comments for the participant from associates, and an action plan to enhance performance.

Optional: a Team Report can be generated if at least four partners complete the full 360 degree feedback assessment. There is no additional charge for this report.

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