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Mentoring for CPA/CAs – Fourth Edition


One of the current initiatives in the CPA industry is to implement the mentoring and career development process. The Mentoring for CPAs book Mentoring, as formulated by Gatto Associates, is a developmental process of the experienced person guiding the development of the less experienced person. We have had great success implementing the process with many CPA firms across the country and in Canada. Successful mentoring helps to create a better and more productive workplace. Some of the positive results from mentoring include:
-Retaining the right people
-Developing future leaders and partners
-Achieving a competitive edge
-Guiding less experienced people toward achieving success
-Supporting employees with integrity

It is never too soon to think about developing the next generation of CPAs. The experienced person working with the less experienced person creates a strong future. This workshop explains the mentoring process, helps the mentor develop mentoring skills, and presents tools to establish a mentoring process.

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