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The SeeSaw Syndrome


The SeeSaw Syndrome addresses the need for a better balance between your work life and personal life. It focuses on three key points to help you control your time: Assessments, Suggestions and Tools. It gives insight into controlling time management so you can better balance your work life and personal life. We are all caught in heavy workload and personal commitments. In this workshop, you will rethink the expenditure of time, both work-related and personal. You will also develop a personal plan of action so that you will be able to optimize your own time. This workshop will offer you many forms to analyze and assess your present utilization of time in your professional and personal life. By successfully utilizing your time efficiently, you will, as a result, lessen stress. You will learn the skills necessary to create a healthy balance between your personal and professional work life by eliminating non-essential activities, planning and organizing, dealing with procrastination, lessening stress associated with juggling time, remaining productive, and maintaining a daily time log.

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