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Mentoring Programs

executive-imgMentoring, as formulated by Gatto Associates, is a developmental process of an experienced person guiding the development of a less experienced person in the workplace. This time-tested program provides measurable results of development and growth for individuals in an organization. Successful mentoring programs helps to create a better and more productive workplace.

It is never too soon to think about developing the next generation of workers. The experienced person working with the less experienced person creates a strong future. Gatto Associates’ mentoring workshop introduces and explains the entire mentoring process, helps the mentor and the mentee develop goals, provides a roadmap for the program, and presents tools to establish a successful mentoring relationship.
Mentoring Outcomes

  • Retaining the right people
  • Developing future leaders
  • Achieving a competitive edge
  • Guiding less experienced people toward achieving success
  • Supporting employees with integrity
Dr. Rex Gatto’s mentoring workbook is utilized throughout the program. It’s easy-to-follow format contains six main sections:
  1. The Concept of Mentoring
  2. Developing Mentoring Skills
  3. Mentee Development
  4. Tools for Mentoring Success
  5. Assessments
  6. Succession Planning Process
This book contains assessments, sample agendas for meetings, and questions that are designed to provide structure to the mentor/mentee meeetings.