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Team Building Workshop

Team BuildingThe Team Building Workshop is used to transform a group of individuals into a team focused on synergism, which is the idea that the total effect of a team is greater than the sum of effects taken independently.

The team learns to accomplish its expected results by recognizing and identifying the following:

  1. the contribution that each member makes to the team;
  2. the decision maker within the team; and,
  3. the team’s responsibility to the larger organization.

These objectives are achieved throughout the use of assessment inventories and group discussions that develop constructive, open lines of communication. The workshop helps the participants understand and utilize the team’s personality and strengths. Teams today are essential to the workplace. This workshop enhances team effectiveness through individual development.

Each participant will learn how to:

  • Better know team members,
  • Assess how the team members work together,
  • Get team members involved,
  • Measure successful teamwork,
  • Recognize the stages of team development, and
  • Write an individualized developmental action plan to implement back at work.