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Influencing Workshop

InfluencingThe Influencing Workshop guides participants to better performance and interaction with others to enhance job performance. Through the 360˚ feedback (IWAI), participants receive candid information as to how working associates perceive their job performance. The influencing process will be reviewed, identifying individual’s strengths and areas for development. Interactive skills are enhanced by having each of the participants assess what causes others to be influenced by them, assess effective communication in their work environment, and learn how they may need to adapt their abilities. Participants develop an action plan to systematically enhance their interactive job performance skills.

Each participant will learn how to:

    • Identify strengths and areas for development via feedback from working associates,
    • Enhance productivity and interaction,
    • Adapt personal working and communication styles to be more effective,
    • Enhance team meetings by efficiently applying the influencing process,
    • Give and receive feedback,
    • Develop and enhance interactive skills, and
    • Apply practical ways to lead meetings.