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Controlling Stress in the Workplace

stressDifferent factors create stress in people’s lives. Controlling Stress in the Workplace Workshop enables participants to identify stressors and create ways to manage them. For example, participants learn to relieve stress by using various techniques of mental and physical relaxation. The workshop highlights ways to develop individual strategies and analyzes interpersonal working associations and personal problems. Each participant creates an action plan for him or herself (based on responses to a self-assessment inventory) to deal with the causes of stress and develop ways to relax. Stress, frustration, and anger have become part of the workplace. This workshop discusses ways to lessen stress and bring a more harmonious attitude to work.

Each participant will learn how to:

  • Identify causes for stress,
  • Lessen stress,
  • Use relaxation to reduce stress,
  • Recognize how others create stress in his or her life,
  • Become more productive, and
  • Write an individualized developmental action plan to implement at work, and focus on a happier life.